Thursday, December 16, 2010

Time for another Enchanted Adventure...

Wow what a week. Just started a new graphic design job last week and my computer must not of been too happy with that as it decided to crash and as I'm always going to backup my files but never do I unfortunately lost a whole lot of stuff but such is life and on I go!!

As I'm still caught up in my little world of make believe at the moment I thought I'd post another one of my fairytale collages of a friends two beautiful children. I've become a little addicted to these and making up fairy tales to go with them.

Once Upon a time there were two children a brother and sister. They loved to play together but when no one was looking they would sneak inside their toy cupboard, why because at the back of the cupboard there was a magical little doorway which was hidden to the whole world and they were the only ones who knew about it.

They would often sneak through the doorway when no one was looking, on this particular day after squeezing through the door the children saw a large red gumboot! As the children loved an adventure they decided to climb in.

Once the children were safely in the boot it magically lifted off the ground and began to float up into the sky. The children looked up to see how they were floating and above them tied to the gumboot was the largest pink pig they had ever seen.

As they began to float higher in the sky and over the beautiful rolling green hills they noticed the most peculiar of sights. An elephant dressed in a red waist coat with gold frills sitting at a table with a large glass of milk and a plate full of chocolate chip cookies. He didn't seem to mind them flying over top and just kept enjoying his snack as they passed by.

They didn't always get to see many animals on their enchanted trips to this magical wonderland but on this particular day they were in for another great treat. The children overheard a mummy & daddy telling their child to sit down in the pram, when they looked down over the edge of the gumboot they could not see and other humans and it was very strange to hear the voice of a grown up as the only other people they ever seen were other children because it was a known fact amongst children that only those who behaved had a magical door, naughty children and grown ups were not allowed at all! Instead they seen two dogs dressed in the most beautiful vintage clothing standing on their hind legs pushing a pram, inside the pram was a small excited puppy with a pretty little bonnet on. In all the times they had been to the magical land they had never heard any of the animals speak, this was so exciting for them.

What an amazing time the children had this visit, as the wind was no blowing them back towards the doorway they knew they're trip was over. I wonder what would happen on their next visit.

till next time, have fun!!

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